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Practical Electronics (PE) is the No. 1 UK magazine for hobby electronics enthusiasts everywhere. Each month’s issue is packed with practical constructional projects for the hobbyist, special features, advice and adverts from specialist electronics suppliers and more besides.


PE is available worldwide from good newsstands, on subscription delivered direct to your door and is now downloadable from Pocketmags for viewing on an PC, iPad and other devices as well.


There’s something to appeal to audio, radio, automotive, home, test equipment, marine  and many more interests.  Microcontroller fans will enjoy our PICmicro projects and free source codes are usually downloadable too. (Our Regulars page has more details.)


PE also sells specialist electronics software, CD ROMs, books, project PCBs and more in our Online Shop.

Whether you’re an electronics novice, student, amateur electronics enthusiast, semi-pro or technician, PE will have something for you.


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Printed in full colour, all PE constructional details are presented in a high quality, crystal clear style that lets you tackle constructional projects with confidence. Published on approx. the first Thursday of every month.



PE Magazine is published in the UK.

ISSN 9770262 361188

Trade distributors Seymour London W1T 3EX



Here at PE we're very proud of our heritage, having built the 1960's hobby electronics market in Britain from scratch. PE's Alan Winstanley wrote this two-part special article describing the origins of Practical Electronics magazine in the UK, followed by the arrival of its litte sister Everyday Electronics. The articles show how our title evolved over many years, including cover shots of some milestone issues, taking in ETI (UK) and Hobby Electronics along the way.


Download these articles for free:


EPE Magazine 50th Anniversary (Part 1) (PDF 6.6MB)

EPE Magazine 50th Anniversary (Part 2) (PDF 9.8MB)


Please right-click the links and Save As... to download them to your hard disk.


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